Buncee is a Part of the Capstone Family! What Does This Mean for Me and My Buncee Account?


main_1_byCapstone-1.gifWe are so excited that Buncee is now a part of the Capstone family! Capstone is an innovative publisher of children’s educational content for schools and home learning. Combining Capstone’s collection of trusted curriculum-aligned content with Buncee’s intuitive creator tools makes it possible for learners to “read and create.”  The combination of our platforms will enable educators to gain access to powerful tools they can use to view, understand, and foster student learning. Read our FAQs below to learn more about what this transition means for our Buncee community.


What is Capstone announcing today with Buncee?

Capstone is pleased to announce they have acquired Buncee, a creation and communication tool for students and educators to create interactive classroom content, allowing learners of all ages to visualize concepts and communicate creatively.


Will I continue to work with my existing customer service rep or sales rep?

Yes, Capstone will continue to offer the Buncee tools and support customers know and love. Your Buncee customer service and sales rep contacts remain the same and will be there to help with any questions ( 


What does this mean for the Buncee product?

This is an exciting next chapter for both companies. The acquisition allows Buncee to join forces with Capstone, a longtime friend and partner, to greatly expand the reach of its product, putting its amazing tools and support at the fingertips of millions more educators and students. With a mission of helping kids succeed by making learning fun, Capstone shares Buncee’s passion and commitment to meeting the needs of educators and young learners. 

In the near term, Capstone will continue to sell Buncee as a standalone product and support educators and the Buncee community as they always have. Capstone is committed to keeping what you love about Buncee while continuing to offer you new ways to incorporate it into your instruction.

Over the next several months, Capstone will begin integrating Buncee tools into PebbleGo, the go-to digital resource for K-2 literacy and research used in 40% of U.S. elementary schools by over 3 million students! The addition of classroom tools will make it easier for educators to share instructional content and observe their students’ growth as they create and share artifacts to demonstrate what they’ve learned in PebbleGo. Capstone plans to have a PebbleGo-plus-Buncee solution ready for school customers in January 2022.


Are there any changes to my Buncee subscription? Changes to any of my Capstone products?

No. We are working on future enhancements with Capstone digital products to operate more seamlessly with Buncee, but there are no changes to any current subscriptions or product offerings.


Why is Capstone acquiring Buncee?

Capstone connected with Buncee’s mission and saw the tremendous potential of marrying our products for a more seamless experience for educators and students—read and create. Pairing Capstone’s unrivaled collection of trusted, curriculum-aligned content with Buncee’s intuitive creator tools will be a powerful facilitator in deepening student engagement and learning. The Buncee team is an incredibly talented and passionate group of people who we are delighted to work with, learn from, and build powerful digital classroom tools together.


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