Sharing Your Buncee as a Tab in Teams Meetings and Including Questions and Responses

This article will show you how to add Buncees as Tabs in your Microsoft Teams Meetings, ask questions, and have your participants respond. You can learn more through this short video: 

How to add a Buncee to your Teams Meeting:

Step 1: From the Teams web or desktop app, create a meeting. Be sure to include your attendees. Click "send", then select your meeting and click, "edit."


Step 2: Click on the plus sign on the top.

Step 3: Select the Buncee app, (if you don't already have the Buncee app, or if you haven't added it to Teams, you can quickly do so, and it's free!)


Step 4: Paste the link to the Buncee you want to share, and click "save." 


If you choose, you can then add a question (or comment) for each page of your Buncee:

Step 1: Add your question, comment, or prompt to the appropriate pages.


Step 2: When you launch your meeting, you can choose to post your question at any time by clicking "post."


Step 3: Your participants will be able to view the questions in the middle of their screen, type their responses, and click "submit."


Step 4: You can then view the questions and responses during and after the meeting. 


Step 5: At any time, you can adjust your meeting settings to "public" so everyone can see each other's comments, or "private" so that only you can see them.

Step 6: If you turn the "comments" on for your Buncee, the questions and responses from the meeting will be transferred to the Buncee.

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