How do I create on Buncee 2.0?

The new features in Buncee 3.0 allow users to take their creations to a whole new level. While we recommend using Buncee 3.0 for your daily creations, you are still able to create on the previous Buncee 2.0 if you prefer creating Buncees on a simpler canvas.

NOTE:  If you would like to use Version 3.0 features in an existing Version 2.0 Buncee, you can convert existing Version 2.0 Buncees to Version 3.0.


How to Create on Buncee 2.0

Step 1

In your Buncee Dashboard, hover over the pink 'Create' button on the top right of your page.


Step 2

Select 'Version 2.0' in the dropdown menu. You'll be directed to a Buncee 2.0 blank canvas to begin your creation!


Note that clicking 'Create a New Buncee!' on your Buncee Dashboard creates a new Version 3.0 Buncee by default.


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