How to Upload Buncee Backgrounds to Teams Meetings

You can create and upload Buncee Backgrounds to Microsoft Teams calls to help you spruce up any virtual conversation!


How to Create & Download Buncee Backgrounds 

Step 1:  Create a new Buncee with the canvas size of 16:9 or 4096 X 2160!

There are tons of Buncee backgrounds available for you to use when you create your own Buncee. If you want, get creative and add stickers, avatars, text, or images if you’d like to personalize your background.

NOTE:  When creating your own backgrounds, be sure to use the Buncee sized creation canvas, which has the same dimensions as Teams Meeting backgrounds (16:9 or 4096 X 2160).

Step 2:  Upon finishing your Buncee creation, access the 'Share' menu to download the image.



Step 3:  Once you have the Share menu open, click on the Download tab.

In the Download tab, click on the thumbnail of the page you want to use as your Teams Meeting Background to download the Buncee as a PNG image file.


Note:  If you add text into your graphic, we recommend flipping it horizontally before uploading it into your Teams Meeting.


How To Upload to Teams

Step 1:  

Navigate to the Teams background settings panel during your call, or on the pre-join screen. This is show on the action bar on the bottom of your call, as show below.


Step 2:

Upon selecting Show Background Effects, a panel will appear on the right. On that panel, select 'Add new' to upload your Buncee Background of choice as shown below. This will allow you to select an image to upload from your device. Once you add it, locate the background you'd like to use from the panel options.


Step 3

Once you've selected the background you'd like, press Apply on the bottom right of your screen to apply your background to the call!


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