How to Unlock Rewards for Creating Buncees

You can unlock fun rewards for keeping up a creation streak in Buncee. This is a fun way to encourage students to keep the learning going, even while school may be out of session. Learn more here!


How to Unlock Rewards

Step 1

Create a new Buncee to unlock a fun & exclusive Bunceeman animation. You can find inspirations for creating in the Ideas Lab or in a list of Summer Activities here!

Step 2

Maintain a Daily Streak by creating every day, and unlock mysterious animation rewards along the way! You can also maintain a Weekly Streak by creating at least once per week to unlock another set of rewards. To earn all of these rewards, try to keep up your Daily Streak (which ensures that you will get all of your Weekly Streak rewards as well)!

Besides creating Buncees, you can also create a Buncee Board or pin a Buncee to a Buncee Board to maintain your Daily or Weekly Streak.

NOTE:  To support our global community, these creation streaks are based on the UTC timezone. In turn, depending on where you live, some users may be lucky to get two streaks in a day depending on when you choose to create! 

Step 3

Using the exclusive animations you've earned, tell the story about Bunceeman's Adventure in your own way! You can also download the animations or badges to share your accomplishment with others.


How to Track Your Progress

Step 1

Check your creation streak by clicking on the reward icon on the top right corner of your Buncee Dashboard.


Step 2

In the pop-up that appears, you can check how many days you've maintained your Daily Streak and Weekly Streak. You will also find the most recent badge you've unlocked.


Step 3

For more details on your activity and badges, click on 'View All Activity'. Here, you can find out how many more days you'll need to keep creating to unlock your next surprise reward!




How to View Your Rewards

You'll get a new notification via the notification bell once you've unlocked a new animation or badge.


Learn how to view all the animations & badges you've earned and those that can be unlocked here!


How to Create with Your Earned Rewards


Step 1

To find the exclusive animations you've earned, open the Buncee Media Palette on your Buncee canvas, and select 'Buncee Animation'.


Step 2

Under the category 'Creativity Challenge Rewards', you can find all of the exclusive animations you've unlocked.




Step 1

You can find badges that you've earned under your profile. If you wish to use them in your creation, open the Buncee Media Palette on your Buncee canvas, and select 'Buncee Sticker'. 


Step 2

Click on 'Badges to find and use all of the badges you've unlocked!




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