Sharing a Buncee with Specific Buncee Users

You can specify exactly who will receive & view your Buncee, whether they are students in your class or other Buncee users from the same school domain as you.

NOTE:  The Buncees you share with them will land in their 'Shared with Me' tab for easy access.


Step 1

Click the 'Share' button on the top right of your Buncee.

Step 2

Under the 'Settings' tab, click the drop-down menu, and select 'Specific Buncee users'.


Step 3

Then, go to the 'Share with Buncee Users' tab. If you want to share with students in your class, select the 'From Your Classes' option. if you want to share with other Buncee users, select 'Other Buncee Users'.


Sharing with Specific Students From Your Class

After clicking on 'From your Classes', select the class and the students that you'd like to share to, and click 'Share'.



Sharing with Other Buncee Users

After selecting 'Other Buncee Users', type each recipient's Buncee username or email address, then click the '+' sign to add them to your list. After adding all of the recipients, click 'Share'.

NOTE:  If you have a Buncee for Schools and Districts account, you can only share in this way with other teachers on your school domain. Likewise, if you do not have a Buncee for Schools and districts account, but your desired recipient does, you will not be able to share with them in this way.


Your students or recipients can now click on the 'Shared with Me' tab on their Buncee Dashboard to easily find the Buncee you have shared!



You can also use this feature to share Buncees with specific users so that they can easily find them in their Shared with Me tab, but at the same time, keep the Buncee viewable by everyone else who you shared the Buncee link with. Watch the quick tutorial below to learn how!


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