How can teachers create & share Microsoft Teams Meetings?

To support your students' remote learning, you can schedule Teams Meetings directly from your Buncee Dashboard and share your Meetings with students or colleagues.

NOTE:  Read this article to learn how students can view & join the scheduled meetings that you shared with them.

Create a Microsoft Teams Meeting on Buncee

Step 1

Click the Microsoft Teams icon on the top of your Buncee Dashboard to create a new meeting.


 Step 2

If you are not signed in to Teams, press 'Sign In'.

Step 3

Once you've signed in, follow the instructions under the 'Generate' tab to create a new meeting.


Step 4

You can either click 'Copy' to copy the link of your meeting or share your meeting with students or others directly on Buncee by following the steps below.



Send Meetings to Students in Your Class

Step 1

Under the 'Share with Students' tab, click the drop-down menu to find your class.


Step 2

Select the students to share your meeting with, or use 'Select All' to share it with the entire class. Then, click 'Share'.


Step 3

You can view your meetings under the 'Scheduled Meetings' tab.



Send Meetings to Colleagues/Others

Step 1

Under the 'Invite by Email' tab, enter the email address to share your meeting with. You can add multiple email addresses or remove them from the list by clicking 'Remove'.


Step 2

After adding all of the email addresses, click 'Share' to send your meeting invitation.




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