How to Add & Reply to Comments on Buncees

Adding comments to Buncees and replying to other people's comments is a great way to get involved in a conversation. Using these features, students can easily interact with teachers or with one another. Watch the video below, or follow the steps to add comments or replies to others' comments!

*NOTE:  Buncees need to be commentable for others to add comments or replies. Learn how to enable comments on your Buncee here! 


How to Add Comments on a Buncee

Step 1

Click on the Comments icon on the top menu of the Buncee.


Note that if the Buncee was not set as commentable by the owner of the Buncee, you will not see the Comments icon.

Step 2

After typing your comment, click on 'Add Comment'.




How to View Comments & Leave Replies

Step 1

In preview mode, click on the Comments icon to view all the comments and replies.


Step 2

Click on 'Reply' under the comment you wish to reply to.


Step 3

Type your reply, then click on the send button.




How to View New Comments & Replies Using Refresh

When multiple users are interacting on the same Buncee at the same time, it could be useful to refresh the list of comments to view the latest ones.

Simply click on the refresh button on the top right of the comments panel to see the latest comments and replies!



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