How Can I Support My Students Remotely?

Whether due to illness, injury, or other extenuating circumstances, students may be unable to attend class for an extended period of time. In these cases, remote/online learning is a great option. This article contains several resources for supporting your students remotely with Buncee. 


Sharing To Students (Only Applicable To Educator Accounts)

You can share Buncees directly with your students for them to review, or copy and make their own.  Simply Access the Share Menu, then click “Share with Students” 

Applicable to Educator Accounts only. Click here to learn how to access the Share Menu.


Students will be able to see it on their Dashboard in the tab marked, 'Shared with Me'. If you made the Buncee copyable, they will be able to make a copy of it by clicking 'Copy'. 



Read this help article to learn more about how students can share to teachers.


Sharing Boards To Students (Applicable To Educator Accounts)

Buncee Boards are a great way for your students to interact with their classmates and participate in class discussion from anywhere! Buncee Boards can also be shared seamlessly with your students, straight from your Buncee Board Share Menu.

Click here to learn how to access the Buncee Board Share Menu.


Click here to learn more about how your students can add their own Buncees to Buncee Boards. 


How To Group Students In Your Classes

You can create groups of students within your classes to differentiate the Buncees you send as assignments! Or for example, if one of your students is learning from home, you can make a group for that student and send an assignment just to that student. See how below. 



Create and Send Assignments to Your Students 

Create and send assignments to your students so they can complete them wherever they are. Watch the video to learn how to create and issue assignments.


How do I check the statuses of my students’ submissions? 

By clicking on the 'Students' tab in a class, you can see a list of all of the students in the class and all of their submissions, which will appear under the 'Submissions' column.


Click here to learn how students can view assignments and make submissions

How To View/Grade A Student's Submission & Add Feedback

Once your student has completed an assignment, you can grade the assignment and add feedback. See how in the video below:

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