How To Clip & Stitch Slides Of A Buncee

Clipping & Stitching is a great way to save time creating. You can use it to take slides from an existing Buncee that either you or others have created, and create a new Buncee with different clips saved in the 'Clips' section in your profile. Read this article to learn more about Clipping & Stitching and its use cases for teachers.


Enable Clipping & Stitching

Before you can clip slides from a Buncee, you'll need to make sure that two settings are enabled. Both can be found on your Buncee canvas.

Step 1

Find and open the Share Menu located on the right top corner of your Buncee, and under the 'Settings' tab, toggle 'Copyable' to 'On'.



Step 2

While in Edit Mode, click on the 'Settings' icon located in the top middle section of the Buncee canvas, and make sure that 'Stitching' is toggled to 'On' as well. 

Note: 'Stitching' is toggled 'On' by default.




Step 1

Go to Preview Mode. If the two settings have been enabled, you will see an icon that looks like a pair of scissors on the top. Click on it to open the Clipping menu.


Step 2

Select the slides that you would like to clip from this Buncee. You can also choose to select or deselect all slides.


Step 3

Click the 'Clip Pages' button. Now your selected slides have been clipped and saved in your account!



Step 1

Navigate to your Profile on your dashboard and click on 'Clips.'


Step 2

Select the clips that you would like to stitch into a new Buncee. Then, click on the pink 'Create Buncee' button.


Step 3

You just used clipping & stitching to create a new Buncee! Add more slides & assets to it, and don't forget to give it a title!



Another Way to Stitch

Alternatively, you can stitch slides by going into a Buncee and clicking on the plus sign on the Slides Panel (the panel on the left side of the canvas). Then, if you've already clipped something, you can click on the 'Add' button below the Stitching option to stitch your clips. 


Choose the slides that you'd like to stitch, and then click 'Add'.



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