How to Group/Ungroup Assets on your Canvas

When you are working with multiple assets on a Buncee slide, you might want to group certain items together so that you can move or edit them simultaneously. Read the following steps to learn how to group or ungroup assets.

How to Group Assets

Step 1

Click on the items that you would like to group, while pressing down the Ctrl key. This allows you to select multiple items.

Step 2

Click on the 'Group' button on the Action Panel to group the selected assets. Now your group shows instead of individual assets on the Layers Panel, on the right side of the canvas.


Step 3

You can rename your group by clicking on the little pencil icon on the top right corner of the group. You can also change the layering of your group by dragging it up or down on the Layers Panel.



How to Ungroup Assets

Step 1

To ungroup your assets, select the group and click on 'Ungroup' from the Actions Panel.


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