Sharing Templates to Students from Ideas Lab

Sending templates to your students is simple! Try sending them a class activity or lesson from Ideas Lab following these steps:

Step 1

Find an idea/template in Ideas Lab, and click "Create this".


Step 2

Once it has been copied, click "Edit" to go into the Buncee canvas.


Step 3

Rename the copy if you'd like, and edit the Buncee as you wish! When you're done, click on the "Share" button on the top right corner of the canvas.


Step 4

Make the Buncee copyable if you want students to make individual copies that they can edit, then click on the 'Share with Students' tab.


Step 5

Choose the appropriate class/section from the 'Share with' drop-down menu, select the students you wish to share the idea/template with, then click 'Share'.


Step 6

Students can now log into their student accounts, go to the 'Shared With Me' tab under 'Buncees', and click 'Copy' to copy the shared idea/template into their own Buncee Dashboard.


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