Download and Use Buncee Messaging in Microsoft Teams

To Download Buncee Messaging in Microsoft Teams

Step 1

After signing in to Microsoft Teams, click on “Apps” on the bottom left corner, then click on “Messaging”.


Step 2 

Look for “Buncee” in the list of apps shown, or search for “Buncee” in the search bar.


Step 3

Follow the instructions to install Buncee Messaging.


To Use Buncee Messaging in Microsoft Teams

Step 1

After downloading Buncee Messaging, open any chat on Microsoft Teams and click on the Buncee logo below the input textbox. If you can find the Buncee logo, skip to Step 5.


Step 2

If you don’t see it under your chat input textbox, click on the 3-dots (...) below the input textbox.


Step 3

Once you find Buncee under “Suggestions”, click on the 3-dots (...) on the right-hand side of the Buncee app description.


Step 4

Click on “Pin” to enable Buncee Messaging across all chat channels.


Step 5

Scroll down to find more Buncee Messages, or enter a keyword or phrase in the search bar to find relevant Messages. 


Step 6

Click on the Messages to send them in chat.


Learn how Buncee Messaging can benefit your classroom here:

Buncee Messages for Fun Classroom Communication

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