Uploading Custom Templates

One of the premium features of School & District plan is the ability to create new categories and add custom assets. School/District admins on Buncee can log in to their Buncee admin dashboard and upload new templates to any category. 
The steps to uploading your own custom templates: 
  1. Select a Buncee of your choice to add into your asset library
  2. Press share and make sure under settings your Buncee is copyable and can be viewed by "Anyone" or "Anyone with the link".
  3. Click on code and copy the link.
  4. Log into your Admin Panel.
  5. Click on assets on the left-hand side.
  6. Here you will see the categories that are already created.
  7. Click on templates next to any of the categories to add your first template.
  8. Once you click on templates, you will see an “Add Template” button.
  9. Attach your Buncee link and press save.

Any buncee you upload will be available to all users in your domain instantly.

Check out our how-to video below:



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