Uploading Custom Templates

One of the premium features of Buncee's School & District plan is the ability to create new categories and add custom assets. School/District admins on Buncee can log in to their Buncee admin dashboard and upload new templates to any category. 

Here are the steps to uploading your own custom templates: 

Step 1
Select a Buncee of your choice to add into your asset library.
Step 2
Press share and make sure under settings your Buncee is copyable and can be viewed by "Anyone" or "Anyone with the link".
Step 3
Click on code and copy the link.
Step 4
Log into your Admin Panel.
Step 5
Click on assets on the left-hand side. Here you will see the categories that are already created.
Step 6
Click on templates next to any of the categories to add your first template.
Step 7
Once you click on templates, you will see an “Add Template” button.
Step 8
Attach your Buncee link and press save.

Any buncee you upload will be available to all users in your domain instantly.


Check out our how-to video below:



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