How to create Buncees using templates?


Templates are pre-made, fully customizable Buncees that a user can choose as a starting point instead of a blank canvas.

Here're the steps to create a Buncee using a template:

1) Click on Create a New Buncee in your dashboard


2) On the modal that pops up, press the Start Creating button



3) On the templates modal, you can scroll to select from hundreds of templates. In addition, you can also search and filter the templates by categories.



 4) Select a template to preview 


5) Click on Use This Template 



6) Voila! You can now add or remove any items and can fully customize your creation!



Please note:

-  Templates are available only on the new creation experience, Buncee 3.0.

 - Currently, templates are not available on the Buncee iOS app.

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