How to create Buncees using templates?

Templates are pre-made, fully customizable Buncees that a user can choose as a starting point instead of a blank canvas.

Here're the steps to create a Buncee using a template:

Step 1

Click on 'Create a New Buncee' in your dashboard. 


Step 2

On the templates modal, you can scroll to select from hundreds of templates. In addition, you can also search and filter the templates by categories.


Step 3

Select a template to preview.

 Step 4

Click on 'Use This Template'.


Step 5

Voila! You can now add or remove any items and fully customize your creation! 


You can also access templates on a blank Buncee canvas. If you chose 'Start from scratch' from Step 2 above, you'll then see a blank creation canvas with 3 signs that allow you to select a template, change the background, or add your first item. Click on the first sign to select your template!

Screen_Shot_2020-08-07_at_1.12.46_PM.pngPlease note:

-  Templates are available only on the new creation experience, Buncee 3.0.

 - Templates are currently not available on the Buncee iOS app.

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