Adding Buncee Assets (Stickers, Animations, Messages, Reactions)

Buncee Stickers, Animations, and Graphic Messages make creating easy and fun. Choose any of the red buttons on the Media Pallet to browse thousands of items created by the Buncee Design Team! Click here to learn how to access the Media Pallet.




Click the play button on any animation to preview it before you even select it. Add unlimited amounts of animations to any slide.


Always browse the categories to see what's available. The menu will always default to Newly Added so you can see the wonders being created day by day! Add unlimited amounts of stickers to any slide.

Buncee Messages:

Graphic messages for almost any occasion or situation. Explore the categories to help you get started. Then, drag & drop onto the creation canvas with no limit!


Social-Emotional learning is essential for development and also fun to practice. Buncee Emojis are designed for any situation for fun and for practice. Each group has been designed to match different situations and themes, so have fun!

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