Setting Sharing Permissions

Set Sharing Permissions for any Buncee Board by accessing the Share Menu and clicking/tapping, 'Settings.' Be sure you have these set before you share, otherwise viewers might not be able to see your Buncee Board or even add to it.

Click here to learn how to access the Settings Menu.

Choose Privacy Level: Who Can View & Who Can Add Buncees

"Everyone" means anyone in the world can view your Buncee Board.

"Domain" means that only users who are logged into Buncee can view. Note, that if you are a Buncee for Schools & Districts account, this means anyone in your school/district.

"Only Me" means that you are in private mode and nobody will be able to see the Buncee Board, even if they have the link.

Click here to learn more about setting Buncee Board Privacies & Permissions.



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