Setting Sharing Permissions

Set permissions for any Buncee by accessing the Share Menu and clicking/tapping, 'Settings.'

Click here to learn how to access the Share Menu.

1. Choose Privacy Level: Click the drop down menu to choose who can view the Buncee.

  • "Anyone" means anyone in the world can view the Buncee.
  • "Anyone with the link" means anyone can view the Buncee if they have the link to it.
  • "Specific Buncee Users" means only specific Buncee users can view the Buncees you've shared.
  • "Only Me" means only you are able to view the Buncee.

2. Allow Comments: allows Buncee users to comment on your Buncee. 

3. Allow Copying: allows Buncee users to copy your Buncee. 




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