Sharing by QR Code

Share your Buncee on a flyer or on the Buncee itself with its own QR Code. In Edit Mode, access the Media Pallet then click/tap the button for 'QR Code.'

Click here to learn how to access the Media Pallet.

See the below gif for a quick demonstration!


A few ideas for Sharing your Buncee with its QR Code:

  1. Anchor Charts in the Classroom.
  2. Student Book Reviews - print out the first slide with the QR Code and post around the classroom/library.
  3. Create a Presentation for Training with colleagues - upload lesson plans and other documents/materials/flyers on other slides. Have the QR code on the first slide for participants to view the Buncee and included materials on the other slide -- all without needing to print any hardcopy!
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