Sharing by QR Code

Share your Buncee on a flyer or on the Buncee itself with its own QR Code!

Step 1

In Edit Mode, access the Media Palette, then click the button for 'QR Code.'

Click here to learn how to access the Media Palette.


A few ideas for Sharing your Buncee by its QR Code:

  1. Anchor Charts in the Classroom

  2. On Dot Day, encourage students to create and share Buncee Dots, and print them out with QR Codes. Parents, teachers and other students can then scan the codes to interact with the animated Dots

  3. Student Book Reviews - print out the first slide with the QR Code and post around the classroom/library, and other students can scan the QR Code to see the full Buncee
  4. Create a Presentation for Training with colleagues - upload lesson plans and other documents/materials/flyers on other slides. Have the QR code on the first slide for participants to view the Buncee and included materials on the other slides - without needing to print any hardcopy!
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