Sharing to Students (only applicable to Educator Accounts)

Sharing with Students is seamless and fast! Access the Share Menu, then click 'Share with Students'.

Applicable to Educator Accounts only. Click here to learn how to access the Share Menu.


Step 1

Under the 'Settings' tab, make the Buncee 'Copyable' so that your students can make a copy of it in their own Buncee Dashboard.

Step 2

Under the 'Share with Students' tab, click on the pull-down menu to choose the class that you'd like to share to.

Step 3

Click 'Select All' or choose the individual students you'd like share the Buncee with. Click 'Share' and they'll be able to see it on their Dashboard in the tab marked, 'Shared with Me'. If you made the Buncee copyable, they will be able to make a copy of it by clicking 'Copy'.

Screen_Shot_2019-10-17_at_10.58.18_AM.pngRead this help article to learn more about how students can share to teachers.

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