Recording your Video within Buncee

Expressing yourself visually can be done in many different ways within Buncee. One of the funnest ways to do this is to record a video of yourself! You can do this by clicking the Record Video button on the Media Pallet! Click here to learn how to access the Media Pallet.


  1. Click on 'Record Video.'
  2. Click 'Start Recording.' Note: If you're using a tablet, the interface will be similar to your device's camera interface. If you're using a device with a keyboard, such as a Chromebook, you can use the Spacebar to toggle record and pause.
  3. Give a nice, big smile during the 3 second count-down. When finished recording, click 'Finished Recording.'
  4. You'll have the option to Play, Record Again, or Submit Video.
  5. Give it a title and click 'Done.'
  6. See the GIF below!




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