Adding Web Media

Add different forms of media from the web, all from within the Buncee environment. Maintain focus and continue creating in this one-stop-shop. Add media from the web using the Blue buttons on the Media Pallet. Click here to learn how to access the Media Pallet.


Web Image

Click to search for COPPA-compliant images that are under the Creative Commons Zero license. Powered by Pixabay, you'll find something for any activity.

360 Image

Search for and add 360 Panoramic Images that will immerse the viewers of your Buncee into a different world. Drag & Drop your selection onto the canvas. Once there, view your Buncee in 'View' mode, then click/tap: "Click to Load Panorama." Once loaded, you'll be able to toggle Full Screen, Zoom In/Out, and move the perspective around with your mouse/finger.


Search for YouTube videos, but keep in mind that we comply with requirements for COPPA and so our search filter is very strict. Remember that if you can't find what you're looking for, use the Import URL button and paste the link to the video.

Khan Academy

Search for Khan Academy videos for almost any subject, all from within Buncee. Remember that you can preview any video before even selecting anything. Add as many views as you want -- there's no limit.

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