What Media Features are Available to Create with?

Buncee offers many different ways to visually communicate learning, experiences, and ideas.

The Media Palette is the menu from which you choose different mediums of expression. 

Reach the Media Palette by clicking the plus sign on the item panel on the right, or clicking the plus sign on a blank canvas.


Here's a list of all the types of assets currently offered in Buncee's Media Palette. Keep reading to get a sense of how each of them works!


Text, Shapes & Drawing:

  • Text: Publish your thoughts and written voice with a large selection of fonts and styling
  • Shapes: Add different shapes to the canvas to show what you've learned or to decorate your Buncee
  • Drawing: Bring out our inner artist and draw your ideas directly onto the Creation Canvas


  • Buncee 3D: Take learning to the next dimension with 3D Graphics, and enhance visual learning for topics such as geography, anatomy, geometry, animals, and planets
  • Buncee Animation: Catch your audience's eye with super-fun animated graphics!
  • Buncee Sticker: Designed by the Buncee Design Team, there's something for every subject, theme, and purpose
  • Buncee Message: Use pre-made messages in greeting cards, event invitations and holiday cards, or add quotes and hashtags to your Buncee
  • Emoji: Express your feelings with Buncee's cute emojis!

Using Assets from Other Sources:

  • Web Image: Search for and use Web Images quickly and freely, thanks to the Creative Commons Zero license!
  • 360 Image: Create Immersive Buncees with 360 Panoramic Images
  • Khan Academy: Search for and use Khan Academy resources in your Buncee

Uploading your Own Assets:

  • Uploads: Upload your own image
  • Import URL: Link YouTube videos or other weblinks in your Buncee.
  • Record Video: Record a video right inside Buncee to show yourself and add your unique perspective and voice.
  • Take Photo: Take a photo of yourself, or of something you'd like to include in your Buncee


  • FRQ & MCQ: Check for understanding with Free Response and Multiple Choice questions
    • Assignment features seamlessly integrate with these assessment items to help you personalize your feedback, and dramatically decrease the amount of time you spend on grading

QR Code:

  • Generate and attach a QR Code of your Buncee to the canvas, so you can print it out for your audience offline to scan & see your creation in action!

Universal Search:

Search across all types of media within Buncee, using the Search bar at the top of the Media Palette. The search results will return all of the above mentioned media types for you to choose from.




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