Adding Files or Media from your Computer

Upload and save your own files and media to use in your Buncees! Use the green buttons on the Media Palette for uploading, checking uploaded files, and embedding linked web content. Click here to learn how to access the Media Palette!





Click 'Select Files to Upload' to browse your device for images, documents or videos to add to your Buncee.


If you have previously uploaded images, documents and videos, you can access them through clicking on the buttons on the left sidebar. This way, you won't need to upload the same file twice!Screen_Shot_2019-10-21_at_12.07.25_PM.png


Import URL:


Add the URL for any video (such as YouTube), audio, image or other media to embed into the Buncee Creation Canvas.



Record Video:


Empower students to share their voice and express who they are with ease! Along with our other media options, recording your own video or audio right in Buncee has enabled our students to achieve just that. Record videos on a Buncee birthday card, introduce teachers and students to others, use video explanation in assignments and more!

Learn more about recording video in this article.

Also, learn about recording audio here.



Take Photo:


Aside from uploading your own photos, you can also skip a step by taking a picture with your webcam right from your media palette! Not only will this help your classrooms add a personal touch to their creations, but this feature is also perfect for easily creating #Booksnaps, engaging introductory About Me's, as well as for science research projectsLearn how to use this feature here.


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