How do you Navigate your Boards Dashboard?

Where Can I Find my Buncee Boards?

After logging into your Buncee account, you'll see 3 tabs in the top left-hand corner: Classes, Buncees, and Boards.

Click on the ‘Boards’ tab and you’ll now see your Boards Dashboard:


What Can I Do on my Board Dashboard?

Here you’ll be able to:

  • Create a 'New Board' or delete old ones.
  • See Boards that were shared with you via the 'Shared With Me' tab (for Classroom or Buncee for Schools & Districts accounts).
  • See 'Subscribed Boards': Boards that you’ve 'book-marked' to track discussions.
  • See New Comments and Newly Added Buncees via Notifications (bell on upper-right)


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