Who can add Buncees to a Board?

After adding Buncees to a Board, you might be wondering possibly what you would create a Board for and possibly who would add to it (We will, if you let us! See an example here.)

Here’s a quick list of how different groups of Buncee creators use Buncee Boards to share with each other, celebrate moments, collaborate on projects, and spark discussion.

  • Students will add Buncees to Boards created by Teachers and classmates -- taking the initiative to spark discussions on Readings, Literature, Science Experiments, Current Events, and much more.
  • Teachers love to show off their students’ work. Many teachers will add students’ Buncees on their behalf, especially if those students aren’t able to do so themselves. You can do this by going to the Classroom Dashboard, viewing each student’s Buncees, and copying the link of the Buncee that you want to add to the Board. 
  • Individuals and Professionals network and discuss their work in one place. Whether you’re discussing a particular issue in Education or different thought processes for solving a particular problem, a Buncee Board allows everyone to comment, learn, and encourage each other. Show off your projects by creating a Personal Portfolio or Trade Buncee Business Cards and collaborate! 
  • Friends, Family, and Colleagues use Buncee to celebrate the special moments like Birthdays, Births, and Holidays.
  • Leaders use Buncee to reachout to the Community, like this one here!

Learn how to adjust your privacy settings & control who can add Buncees to your Board here!


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