Engaging Students with Buncee Badges

The ultimate goal of parents and educators is to see their students blossom with a powerful inner drive for self-growth and learning. Buncee rewards students and teachers with badges not only to guide them to productivity and success, but also to garner real-life goal-setting and accomplishment skills!.

With Buncee, users can earn badges for a number of reasons - whether it's for how often they create Buncees, how much or how often they engage in discussion, or even how many times they submit their assignments on time. Buncee badges is a great way for classrooms to further engage and encourage learning. Use it to impress the world with your accomplishments.

Earn Badges

  • This blog post tells all about Buncee Badges and the potential they hold for your creation and learning.

Share Achievements

  • Share your most recent badge with the world. Every badge is sharable with social media and can be downloaded for your own use.
  • Here's a great way to use Badges ... Buncee Business Cards!


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