Emphasize Text through Adding Shadows

If you wish to emphasis Text on your Buncees, there are several ways you can do so through adding shadows to your Text. 

Add a Shadow Sticker

Step 1

Open the media palette on a Buncee, then in the search bar at the top, type 'shadow' or 'glow'. Click here to learn more about how to access the media palette.


Step 2

Select a sticker of your choice, then click 'Add'.


Step 3

Drag the shadow to the asset that you'd like to emphasize, and adjust its shape & size and opacity if necessary. 



Add Shadow through Duplicating Text

Step 1

Click on a Text item, and then click 'Duplicate' to make a duplicate of the Text.


Step 2

Change the text color of the duplicated Text. Play around with different colors!

Step 3

Drag the duplicated Text on the canvas, and place it slightly above/below/to the left or right of the original text. Play around with the positioning to customize your shadow!


Step 4

Adjust the opacity of the duplicated Text item, or group the two Text items together if you wish to move/edit them at the same time.


Emphasize Text by Filling Text Box

Another easy way to emphasize your Text item is to fill in the text box with a different color.

Step 1

Click on a Text item once (different from double-clicking it). The Action Panel will show a 'Fill Color' option. 

NOTE: Double-clicking a Text item lets you adjust the actual text content, while a single click lets you adjust the text box.

Step 2

Click on 'Fill Color', then choose a preset color or a color from the color palette. Adjust the opacity if necessary.


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