How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to a Buncee Board?

NOTE: Subscribing to a board works and is applicable only when you can view a board. The board owner has to share the board with you to view and therefore, subscribe.

Subscribing to Buncee Boards allows you to be notified of any new Buncees added, comments made, or reactions shared on another users' Buncee Board. Students and teachers can subscribe to Boards to keep up to date on any changes made. 

To subscribe to a Buncee Board, follow the steps below. 

Step 1

Once you are viewing a users' Buncee Board, select the Subscribe button in the top right. 


Step 2

For any new Buncees that are added or comments/reactions that are made on the Buncee Board, you'll receive a notification in the top right of your dashboard. The Boards you subscribe to will be also found in your Buncee Boards, under the Subscribed Boards tab. 



To unsubscribe, you can return to the Buncee Board you are subscribed to and select the unsubscribe button in the top right or unsubscribe the desired board under the Subscribed Boards tab. You'll then stop receiving notifications for the Buncee Board. 


Alternatively, you can watch this short video.


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