How can I use Buncee in my classroom?

There are countless ways you can use Buncee in your classroom! Our mission is to make learning fun and empower student voice by providing an easy-to-use creation and presentation for students of all ages. Below are some ways you can use Buncee in your classroom.

Head to the Buncee Gallery and the Buncee Blog for inspiration & guest posts from educators.

  • Create interactive web-based lessons and projects.
  • Students can create their own stories & presentations and record their voices to narrate.
  • Designate Buncees as assignments to groups of students to differentiate lessons.
  • Build multimedia presentations using online sources and uploaded content.
  • Create interactive content to support state education standards.
  • Language learners and ELL students can practice pronunciation at home with recorded audio.
  • Easily email classroom news and interactive event reminders to parents.

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