What is clip & stitch, and how do I use it?

What is clip & stitch? Clipping and stitching lets you take portions/slides of Buncees that you like and "clip" them for later use in other Buncees. Simply select the slides you wish to clip, and then you can easily insert (stitch) them into another creation. A perfect new way to show off your work!

How To Clip & Stitch Students' Buncees


How To Clip & Stitch Your Own Buncees

1. First, you need to make sure that your Buncee is copyable. To do that, click the "SHARE" button, then make sure "Copyable" is set to ON.

2. Afterwards, you should see an icon that resembles a pair of scissors. Click on that.

3. This brings up the clipping panel. Select the slides you wish to clip by clicking the slides, or you can select/deselect all. 

4. After you click a slide, it will show "Selected" so that it indicates it will be clipped. When you have selected the slides you wish to clip, click the "CLIP" button at the bottom.

5. Choose the slides you'd like to clip, then read this article to see how you can stitch them together.


How To Clip & Stitch Another User's Buncee

1. First, make sure the Buncee you are clipping from is copyable. 

2. When viewing another user's Buncee, click the scissor icon at the top of the Buncee. 

3. Choose the slides you'd like to clip. 

4. Select "Clipping" from the drop down menu under your profile picture in the top right. 

5. Choose the clips you'd like to stitch together, then Click "Create Buncee" in the top right.


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