Adding free response & multiple choice questions

Assessments are important in many environments, whether you're at home, at school, at work, or in training! On the Media Palette, choose FRQ for Free Response Question and MCQ for Multiple Choice Question. Click here to learn how to access the Media Palette!

NOTE:  To save students' answers to Free Response Questions (FRQs), you'll need to send your Buncee that has the FRQs to students as an assignment.


Step 1

Click on FRQ (Free Response Questions) or MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) on the Media Palette.


Step 2

Once added, double click to edit the question. Notice the action panel has all the options that regular Text has as well!




Step 3

For Multiple Choice Questions, add the text for each answer selection.

Step 4

Then, select the button next to the correct answer. Click 'Close' to save. When students answer the question correctly, they will see a check mark next to their answer. 




Step 3

For Free Response Questions, add the question in the text box, and click 'Save'.


Step 4

Adjust the font like how you would with Text on Buncee. When sent to students, they can write their responses in the text box under the question in Preview Mode. 


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