Keyboard Commands

Here are some of the most common keyboard commands that you can use:

1. Delete

Pressing the 'Delete' button on your keyboard will delete a selected item from your canvas.

Step 1

Select an item that you wish to delete.

Step 2

Press the 'Delete' button on your keyboard to delete the item.


2. Undo

Pressing the command 'Control + Z' will undo actions taken on your Buncee.


3. Redo

Pressing the command 'Shfit + Control + Z' will redo actions taken on your Buncee.


4. Arrow Keys

You can move items on your canvas with the directional arrow keys.

Step 1

Select the item you wish to move on the canvas.

Step 2

Press down the right, left, up, or down arrow key to move your item.


5. Zoom in & Zoom out

You can zoom in or out of your Buncee canvas with the commands 'Shift -' and 'Shift +'.

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