In What Ways Can I Edit Text Items?

There are a lot of ways in which you can edit and play around with Text in Buncee. Keep reading if you'd like to learn more!


Adding Text Items

Learn about adding Text items in the first section of this article. 


Adjusting Size & Shape of Text Items

Learn about adjusting the size & shape of Text items here.


Changing Font, Text Color, Text Size, Text Opacity

The screenshot below shows all the options available in the Actions Panel when you double-click on a Text item. 



Changing Font

After double-clicking a Text item, click on 'Font' in the Actions Panel. A menu will pop-up with all the font options. Scroll down to see more fonts, and select any of the fonts to change it.



Changing Text Color

On the same Actions Panel, you can click on 'Text Color' to either select a preset color, or set your own color by dragging the little white button on the left side of the spectrum, clicking on the color map at the top, or entering a specific Hex Code.



Changing Text Opacity

On the same Actions Panel, click on 'Text Opacity'. Drag the button to the left to decrease opacity (make more transparent), and drag it to the right to increase opacity (make more visible).




Text Style, Lists & Alignment

In this part of the Actions Panel, you can Bold, Italicize, and Underline your Text. You can also make your Text into Lists by adding bullet points or numbers in front of each line of your Text.

Additionally, you can change the alignment of your Text to be aligned to the left, center, right, or justified.



Adjusting Layering of Text

You can adjust the layering of your Text in two ways.

1. You can find the 'To Front' and 'To Back' buttons on the Actions Panel. Click on them to either make the Text item move to the front or back of the canvas.


2. You can also drag the Text item on the Layers Panel, located at the right side of your canvas, up or down to move it above or under other assets on the slide.


Attaching Links to Text

You can attach a link to each Text item by clicking on 'Link'. Then, type in a URL and press Enter on your keyboard. Others will be able to see and click on the link attached to your Text while in Preview Mode.



Attaching Audio to Text

Learn about attaching audio to assets, including Text items, in this article: Recording Your Audio Within Buncee.


Copying, Pasting & Duplicating Text

Learn more about the difference between copy-pasting and duplicating here.



Deleting Text Items

Click on the left-most icon on the Actions Panel to delete Text items.


You can also click on the Backspace key on your keyboard to do so.

In the pop-up that asks if you are sure about deleting, click 'Yes' to delete. You can also use 'Undo' to recover a Text item that you just deleted by mistake.



Filling Textbox with Color

The screenshot below shows all the options in the Actions Panel when you single-click on a Text item.


Learn about filling your text boxes with color here.


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