Editing the Content, Size, Color, Style or Alignment of Your Text

  • To change the contents of a text box, select it by either clicking the text box on the canvas, or clicking the text layer in the layers panel.
  • To delete the text box, click the Delete icon in the action panel.
  • To append a link/URL to a text box, click the Link icon in the action panel.
    • If a link is already appended to a text box, this button will allow you to edit the link.
  • To make a copy of the text box, click the Duplicate button in the action panel.
    • The duplicate button will place an exact copy of the text box, including contents and attributes (size, style, etc.).

This is the formatting area of the action panel. Here you can change the formatting attributes of your text including font type, size, style (bold, underline, or italic), color, and alignment.

Any changes will affect ALL contents in the text box.

  • The Font button will bring up a font chooser where you can select a different font.
  • To change the font size, go to the Size area of the action panel. The -/+ buttons allow you to decrease or increase the size of the text, respectively. To directly enter a specific font size, click on the number, and type in the size that you want.


  • The Style area allows you to make your text (bold, underlined, or italicized).


  • The Color area will bring up a color picker so that you can change the color of your text.
  • Change the justification of your text in the Align area of the action panel. You can make the text left justified, center justified, or right justified.
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