How do I share my Buncee?

If you are sharing a previously created Buncee, go to your Buncees. Then, edit or view the Buncee by clicking on the Buncee thumbnail or on "Edit" from the three dots next to the Buncee. 

If you already on the creation canvas, stay there!

1. Click the “Share” button in the top right corner.

2. You'll see four tab in the Share window: Settings, Code, Email, and Social.


1. You can first choose who can view the link of the Buncee. "Anyone with the link" means anyone can view the Buncee. "Anyone one part of app" means any Buncee user can view the Buncee. "Only Me" means only you are able to view the Buncee.

2. Commentable allows Buncee users to comment on your Buncee. 

3. Copyable allows Buncee users to copy your Buncee. 


1. The link provided can be copy & shared. It can only be viewed based on the privacy setting you provided in the Settings tab.

2. The embed code allows you to embed the Buncee wherever you can embed an iframe code. 


1. Click "Email."

2. Manually enter in the emails separated by commas.

3. Enter a personal message.

4. Click the “Send” button located at the bottom.


-Click “Social.”

-Select the desired social platform where you’d like to share your Buncee.

-Click the “DONE” button located at the bottom.

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