How to Share Buncees and View Buncees Shared With You on the iOS App

Sharing Buncees on the iOS App is a quick and easy way to share your creativity and stay connected! Check out the videos below to learn more, or read for a step by step guide:



How to Access the Share Menu and Adjust Settings

Step 1: 
Log in to the iOS app, and tap the Buncee you want to share.


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Step 2: 

Tap the Share button on the top. Under "Settings" you can tap the drop down menu to select your privacy settings. You can toggle the "Copyable" button on and off to make your Buncee copyable or not.

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Choose How You Want to Share: 

How to Share Buncees to Other Users

Tap "Buncee Users", then tap "Other Buncee Users", and type in the Buncee email address or username of your recipient from your Buncee domain into the "Share with" box, and tap "Done" when finished. Repeat for any additional recipients, then tap "Share." Note: You can only share to Buncee users on your Buncee domain.


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How to Share Buncees with Your Classes

Step 1: 

Tap "Buncee Users", then tap "From Your Classes", then tap on the drop down menu and select the class you want to share to. You can tap "select all" to select all your students, or tap the boxes next to each student's name to select individual students. When you're ready, tap "share".


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How to Share to a Buncee Board

Tap "Boards", then enter the Buncee Board share code for the Board you want to share to. When you're ready, tap "share". You can then choose to add to another Board, choose another share option, or tap the "x" to exit. If you want to learn more about sharing to Buncee Boards, check out the help article below:

How Can I Add Buncees to a Buncee Board?  


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How to Share via Apple Share

You can also share via Apple Share by tapping "Apple Share" and selecting where you want to share.







How to View Buncees Shared with You

Step 1:
On your Buncee dashboard, tap the "Shared with Me" tab. You can view all the Buncees that have been shared with you using the "Share with Buncee Users" function here. Tap the "Copy" button to copy the Buncee, then tap to view, edit, or close.


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