Research & Compare Native Tribes

Goal: Students will compare and contrast the lifestyles and cultures of native tribes from around the world.

How To: Explain to students what the goal of the assignment is and what aspects of each tribe you’d like them to research. This can include language, food, economy, beliefs, location, and more. Then, have students choose one native tribe from the United States, the Caribbean, and Canada. Students will research different cultural and lifestyle elements of the tribes and make a slide on each element for each tribe.

Engage NY: 5.1c Early peoples living together in settlements developed shared cultures with customs, beliefs, values, and languages that give identity to the group.

Students will select one Native American culture group from the United States, one from Canada, and one from the Caribbean region and compare and contrast them by examining how each of these groups adapted to and used the environment and its resources to meet their basic needs, and by examining elements of their culture, including customs, beliefs, values, languages, and patterns of organization and governance.

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