Branches of Government

Goal: Students will make a Buncee in groups explaining the purpose of the federal, state, and local governments. One other group will make a presentation explaining checks & balances.


How To: Assign each branch of government and the system of checks & balances to groups of students or alternate between students. The groups can create a presentation for the rest of class with videos, photos, audio recording, and stickers. You can have the groups create the Buncee on one device together, or they can each work separately on different parts of the presentation and then clip & stitch their slides together.

Engage NY: 4.4a After the Revolution, the United States of America established a federal government; colonies established state governments.  Students will examine the basic structure of the federal government, including the president, Congress, and the courts. Students will explore ways that the federal, state, and local governments meet the needs of citizens, looking for similarities and differences between the different levels of government.

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