How can I download grades and asses student performance?

As a teacher, you can select multiple assignments in your class and download a CSV file of overall grades for all the students in that class. 

Downloading Grades for an Assignment

Step 1

Login to your Teacher account.

Step 2

Select the desired Class, then select the 'Assignments' tab.

Step 3

To download grades for a single assignment, click on the download icon on the right.


Step 4

A CSV file will be automatically downloaded onto your device.



Downloading Grades for Multiple Assignments

To download grades for multiple assignments at once, select all the desired assignments and click 'Download Grades'.


Assessing Student Performance

When you open the csv file, you can review student responses and grades. If you have included multiple choice questions (or MCQs) in your Buncee, they will be marked "correct" or "incorrect" automatically, and you'll be able to view your classes average on the MCQ total, and on each MCQ question.


Check out the video below to learn more!

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