How Students View Assignments & Make Submissions

Step 1

Once logged into their account, students will select the 'Classes' tab on the top left corner of the dashboard.

Step 2

Students will select the class for which they'd like to view assignments.

Step 3

Students then select the assignment which they'd like to work on.

Step 4

Students select the 'Let's Do It' button to begin working on their submission.

Step 5

The description of the assignment will appear under 'Description' and any questions included in the assignment will appear below 'Questions'.

Step 6

If questions are required to be answered, students can select 'Answer'. They will be brought to the question within the Buncee.

Step 7

If a question is a multiple choice, students can select the answer by clicking on the bubble next to their answer. To answer free response questions, students type their response in the text box next to the question.

Step 8

Once all questions are answered, students select 'Finish' in the top left corner of the screen. They will be brought back to the assignment page.

Step 9

If a Buncee is required for the completion of the assignment, you can either select an existing Buncee by selecting 'Choose Existing' below 'Choose Buncee(s)', or select 'Create New' to create a new Buncee that will attach itself to the assignment submission.

Step 10

If using an existing Buncee, students select the Buncees they'd like to choose from the attachment screen. Then, they select 'Yes' to confirm.

Step 11

When creating a new Buncee for the assignment, select 'OK' to confirm that you would like this new Buncee to be attached to the assignment.

Step 12

Students create a Buncee. The student only needs to exit the creation window, and the Buncee will automatically be attached to the assignment. 

Step 13

When all requirements have been met, students can select 'Turn It In' on the assignment page. 

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