Comparing features of Premium, Classroom, and BSD accounts

Buncee offers three main plan types, which are Premium, Classroom, and Buncee for Schools & Districts. You can learn more about the pricing and features of each plan type on the Pricing & Plans Page


Premium, Classroom, & BSD Features


Creation Features

  • Create unlimited Buncees
  • Access to 20,000+ Graphics Library
  • Access to Templates Library
  • Text-to-speech
  • Record Video & Audio
  • Upload Files
  • Clip & Stitch

Sharing & Publishing

  • Share to multiple social media channels
  • Send and track emails
  • Create, send and track RSVPs
  • Embed code on site
  • Download for offline access (PNG & PDF)

Peer Engagement

  • Create unlimited Buncee Boards
  • Share reactions, comments, and replies on Buncees

Recognition for Creating

  • Collect all Buncee Badges
  • Share Badges via email and social media channels



  • Everything in Premium
  • Access to Classroom Dashboard (see section below for more details)
  • Free Response Questions & Multiple Choice Questions
  • Direct sharing between students and teachers

Classroom Instruction & Management

  • Create student accounts
    • Lite: max 50
    • Plus: max 150
  • Enable picture login for young learners
  • Group and differentiate students
  • Create, send and track Buncee assignments
  • Give grades and feedback on assignment submissions
  • Monitor student progress and engagement


Buncee for Schools & Districts

  • Everything in Premium & Classroom
  • Access to Administrative Dashboard (see section below for more details)
  • Add co-teachers to classes
  • Access Buncee's Resource Library for online professional development using Buncee

Administrative & IT Management

  • Dedicated Account Support
  • Synchronize student rosters/SIS integration with Google Classroom and Microsoft 365
  • Monitor users across your organization
  • Set user permissions and privacies
  • Customize Buncee's graphics library


Classroom & Administrative Dashboard

About Classroom Dashboard

Educators under the Buncee Classroom or Buncee for Schools and Districts plan will have access to a classroom dashboard, which will provide them with a window into their students’ work, as well as give them the ability to assess student progress towards learning standards.

Through the classroom dashboard, educators can:

  1. Create student accounts and manage the login credentials of existing student accounts
  2. View all of their students’ Buncees to understand the level of a student’s engagement both in and outside of school
  3. Create, send & grade student assignments, and track assignment submissions 
  4. Leave comments on students' work
  5. Have oversight over the creations, comments, and reactions students create and share with one another
  6. Monitor and track the types and number of Buncee Badges students have earned
  7. Add co-teachers to a class (only applicable on Buncee for Schools and Districts plan) 

With these functionalities, educators have access to students' work and can monitor students’ growth throughout the year. In turn, educators can easily monitor, track, and share student progress – whether it's for assessment needs or for parent-teacher conferences, student-led conferences, presentations and more.


About Administrative Dashboard

If your organization chooses to adopt the product plan, Buncee for Schools and Districts, administrators will be given access to an administrative dashboard, where they will be able to:
  1. Create and designate an unlimited number of school and/or district administrators
  2. Control permission settings for media and sharing access for students and teachers
  3. Customize the school domain’s graphics library
  4. Customize the school domain’s templates library
  5. Monitor, view, and edit Buncees created by all users under their administrative management
    (*Note that admins have the ability to edit Buncees created by users if the Buncee was created on 2.0. Admins only have the ability to delete Buncees that are created on Buncee 3.0.)
  6. Monitor and view Buncee Boards created by all users under their administrative management

NOTE:  District administrators are different from school administrators with respect to the scope of users they have oversight of. For example, if a district has 10 schools, a District Administrator will have the ability to have oversight over all 10 schools; whereas a school administrator might be limited to administrative access over a set of those 10 schools (e.g. 1 school). The District Administrator has the capacity to create and remove school or district administrators as appropriate. 


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