How can I create a Buncee Board?

Create a Board, edit Board title and description, and edit privacy settings!

Step 1

Login to your account, then select the third tab on the top left of your dashboard - 'Boards'.

Step 2

Click on the plus sign to add a New Board.


Step 3

Once in your New Board, click on the pencil icon to give your Board a title and a description.

Step 4

Then, click on the gear icon to choose the privacy of your Board, who can add Buncees or comment on Buncees in your Board, and if other Buncee users can copy the Board.

Step 5

Click on the share icon to get the URL of the Buncee Board. Share the link with the community and ask them to contribute to it!

Congratulations on your new Buncee Board!

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