How to Create & Send Assignments To Students

Creating Assignments is fast and fun! Follow the steps below and watch the video to learn how to create and issue assignments.

  1. First, select the class for which you would like to create the assignment.
  2. Create a new assignment by clicking the red 'Add Assignment' button.
  3. Add a title and description for your assignment in the field provided.
  4. With your assignment, attach Buncees for your students to view and answer questions from. There's no limit to how many you can add to one assignment.
  5. If students are required to create & submit a Buncee in response, switch the toggle to 'Yes.'
  6. Choose when students will see the correct answer to quizzes.
  7. Choose which students you would like to receive the assignment: you can choose from whole classes, a particular group, a custom selection, or even individual students.
  8. Choose start and due dates for your assignment.
  9. Now your assignment has been created and sent and is viewable in the assignment list of the class on your Classroom Dashboard.


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